I am an atmospheric physicist working as a weather and agro underwriter at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. Before that I held a position as a weather and climate analyst at Cargill International SA, and at the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (also known as MeteoSwiss), where I was responsible for MeteoSwiss's operational long-range forecasts (monthly and seasonal) and did research on a range of topics related to climate prediction, model combination and forecast verification. I hold a PhD from the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science at ETH Zurich (IACETH). My doctoral research dealt with the boundary layer over mountainous topography.

Research interests:

  • Weather index insurance for agricultural applications
  • Interaction between weather/climate and agricultural production
  • Interpretation of decadal predictions and climate change scenarios
  • Monthly to seasonal predictability and applications for climate risk management
  • Methods of probabilistic forecast verification
  • Calibration and combination of ensemble forecasts
  • Statistical downscaling techniques
  • Boundary layer meteorology
  • Mountain meteorology